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Runke participated in SUPPLYSIDE WEST 2018
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       From November 8th to 9th, 2018, Runke participated in SUPPLYSIDE WEST 2018 in Las Vegas, USA. The exhibition is the largest professional exhibition of raw materials for pharmaceuticals and health products in the United States, mainly based on plant extracts, functional food materials, and health care products.



       The North American market is an important export market for health care raw materials in China. Runke Company attracted the attention of customers at SUPPLYSIDE WEST 2018. Customers who are already cooperating said that they will continue to expand their cooperation with Runke, and more new customers also put forward purchasing intentions. Director Yang, the business leader of Runke, stated that "Runke will cherish global trade opportunities, firmly grasp the opportunities in the North American market, supply customers with stable products and quality services, and strive for more international market shares"!
        At this exhibition, as a leading DHA manufacturer in China, Runke officially joined GLOBAL ORGANIZATION FOR EPA AND DHA OMEGA-3S, thus opening up close cooperation with global omega-3 fatty acid enterprises and organizations, and continuously developing and launching it to the market More high-end and high-quality DHA related products.


Note: GOED is a non-profit trade organization composed of many authoritative DHA/EPA fatty acid companies around the world. It supports the stable development of members and the mission of establishing business ethics, improving product quality standards, and promoting professional and scientific DHA/ EPA knowledge of omega-3 fatty acids to the society.

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