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Runke Bioengineering participated in Vitafoods Europe 2019
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       From May 7th to May 9th, 2019, Vitafoods Europe was held in Geneva, Switzerland. Vitafoods Europe is a large professional exhibition of natural plant extracts and health food ingredients in Europe. The scope of exhibits covers a wide range, including raw materials, raw materials, finished products, production technology, consulting services, and so on.
Runke actively participated in this exhibition, keeping up with the rapid development of the health product industry, and firmly seizing the market opportunities in Europe.


       As a member of the global EPA and DHA ω-3 organization (GOED for short), Runke also participated in the GOED exhibition this time, taking advantage of the location of the booth to attract more customers in the industry.
Facing the competitive pressure brought by peer companies that also joined GOED, Runke focused on displaying high-purity and odor-free high-quality DHA algae oil raw materials, supplying customers with stable product quality and high-quality service programs. It has won high praise from Chinese and foreign customers, successfully obtained more customer information resources, and achieved ideal results.


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